Sunday, November 25, 2007

OMG, it has been 2 weeks since my last post. I will have to do better, and get back to weekly postings again. Life has been complicated since the fires in southern California. I still have guests camped out in the living room - 2 humans and a boat load of poodles. I don't know how long they will be here - they lost everything and have a house and kennel to rebuild. There have been a few times when I was pushed to my limits, but overall it isn't all that bad. At least I have a house. I am a bit lost with 'working on the house' since they have spilled into every available room.

The phrase that I have been focused on this week is:

"When one door closes, another opens; but we often look so long and so regretfully upon the closed door that we do not see the one which has opened for us." by Alexander Graham Bell. This is the first time I have read the entire quote. In AA I have only heard the first portion, "When one door closes, another one opens".

This quote has lifted my spirits, and given me hope this week. After a year and a half I still think about my ex, and wonder how she could be with a man. The thought of it is a bit repulsive, but if that is what she wants..... she can have it. I have spent too much energy thinking about what I lost when she left. Time has changed my perspective a bit and I get glimpses of how personally draining her behavior was. It took a whole lot of energy to get a little bit of companionship. Now, I am excited and ready to look for open doors. I have hope that I will find companionship again.

Monday, November 12, 2007

By the grace of a higher power, a whole lot of help from my friends, and a pinch of good luck, I have managed to stay clean and sober for another year. Today, I have celebrated my twenty fifth birthday.

Life is still a bit stressful, but we are all trying to coexist in the tiny space of my house. My friends are stilled camped out in my living room with all their dogs. For the most part I enjoy having company. The noise from all the dogs stresses me out, but I am trying to get through it. It seems so minor compared to their predicament. I didn't loose everything, I still have a house to go home to..... It's a bit stinky right now, but that doesn't matter cause it's still a work in progress.

Thank you all for your kindness, support and friendship.