Friday, May 09, 2008

Well, I certainly fell off the Blog Sphere..... I haven't posted a word for nearly four months. I have thought about it, but never started to write. Part of the reason I avoided writing was I found myself not willing to write about how I was really feeling. I was very aware of my emotions, but I wasn't willing to share them.

My fire victims finally moved back to their property. They stayed here for four and one half months. What a challenge! I had two people and a boat load of dogs camped out in my living room. Over the four months they spread out into the kitchen, and bedrooms. I tried not to get irritated cause they were in pretty bad shape losing everything in the fires, but I wasn't completely successful. I did more than most people could do, but I expected myself to act like Ghandi. Unfortunately, I lost my temper several times, especially with the guy. Oh well, progress not perfection.......

It took several weeks to get back on track with the house repairs. Part of the problem was all the rain. The weeds grew constantly, the trees needed trimming etc. Now, I am working on my kitchen. I am so excited to have a new kitchen. I can't wait till it is complete, and I can learn how to cook.