Saturday, September 23, 2006

I finally have a roof. A real roof that will hold all the rain out. Today was the first time I looked at the clouds, and didn't have any panic stirring within me. For the last four years I have been totally stressed when it rains. I have not slept through a single rainy night. I would wake up, and walk around the house to make sure the water wouldn't blow a circuit, and start a fire. There is a sense of calm, and gratitude inside me that I haven't had for a long, long time. It feels good!

Here are my progress photos:
Applying the hot mop to the flat roof.
The roofers applying shingles.

The new roof!

Friday, September 15, 2006

Sorry that I haven't been posting very much lately. The air is getting cold, and the rainy season is slowly approaching. I am trying to get the roof ready for the roofers so the house will be sealed up. I feel like I am starting to make a little progress with this project, but some days I get really discouraged. I am working hard, but things never quite get completely finished. I have been within reach of getting the roof on, and the stucco applied for weeks now. The inspector came and signed me off for the framing with a few minor additions (he always finds something to add) so I am very close. I want to stop worrying, and step into phase 2 where the real fun begins.

I have decided to take the entire weekend off, and just play. Today, after my carpenter left, I went shopping. I want to send a friend who lives in Alaska some bubble bath. I should know better to go into a soap store unsupervised....... I went in for one bottle of bubble bath, and left with two bottles of bubble bath, and four bottles of lotion. To decide which two I will keep, I have applied Coconut Lime Verbena to my left arm, Pear Blossom to my right arm, Lavender Vanilla to my left leg, and Orange Ginger to my right leg. I am leaning towards the Coconut Lime, and Orange Ginger; both of them have a really nice citrus bite.

Usually I work on Saturday, but not tomorrow. I am going fencing. My buddies, and my coach are getting a bit irritated that I haven't had the energy to fence. I am really out of practice, but that is what they are going to get - an easy target..... or, I should say, an easier target.

Sunday, is an all Women's Tango party. I haven't been doing much tango in the last several months, so it will be good to get back in the swing, or should I say the tango of things.

Life is good. If I wasn't living the sober lifestyle I wouldn't be able to work hard and accomplish something, or play hard and enjoy my time here on earth. Bloggers have a great weekend. Any special plans in the making?
The new windows, and new garage in the front of my house.

My new windows in the rear of my house.

Epiphyllum strictum

Thursday, September 07, 2006

I went out dancing tonight. As I was walking to the club, my mind got on the topic of breasts. I don't remember how it got there, but it had no trouble staying on topic. I had this huge smile on my face. It was kind of funny cause I couldn't get rid of it, nor did I want to stop thinking about what put it there.

Every person that walked passed me said, "Hello"; young, old, it didn't matter. I know they were all saying Hi because I had this huge smile on my face.

I guess I need to make a list of things that make me smile for those times when I really could use one. What makes you smile?

Saturday, September 02, 2006

It sure has been a wonderful 24 hours. Sometimes I am amazed how good life an be. Yesterday, my carpenter got sick, and had to go home. I was so happy to have a day off to do things that I wanted to do. I have been working on this home repair/improvement project six days a week, and it is starting to wear me out. I work, and work, but never quite get finished.

Since I had the afternoon to myself, guess where I went. I put my wetsuit, and gear in the truck and drove down to the beach. I made a date with a bunch of leopard sharks. I think this is an experience that I will never grow tired of - swimming with the sharks. For me, it is like being fully exposed to the energy of life.

The tide was just starting to go out so visibility was not that great. There were many more sharks than last time. I counted at most eight sharks below me at one time. I was even fortunate enough to see a little baby about 3 feet long. It is so thrilling to be floating three feet above such powerful creatures, knowing that I am perfectly safe.

That evening there was an AA convention in another nearby town so I decided to go to the speakers meeting. After the meeting, we were all filing out,and for some reason I turned around and went back into the crowd. I was looking for a friend that was sitting way up front. This woman passed me, and we looked at each other, and said, 'Hi'.

I couldn't find my friend, so I went to buy raffle tickets. While I was waiting I tried to remember that woman's name, and where I knew her from. I am really bad with retaining names. I like to blame it on brain damage, but this was a problem even before I started using. She tapped me on the shoulder, and asked if I use to live in another state. Then, the light bulb went on, and I remembered who she was. I have not seen this woman in many, many, many, many, many (getting the picture), many years. She had been living in the same city as me for past three years, and I never ran into her. We exchanged numbers, and I look forward to getting caught up.

Today, has been so pleasant. I went to my orchid society meeting where everyone shows off what they have in bloom. One of my friends, who rarely goes to this meeting, was there - he has been growing orchid for over 60 years. Another member mentioned that the Rare Fruit Growers were having a sale in the park, so I just had to stop by. It was with great restraint that I didn't buy anything, but it was fun to taste all the free samples. I did get phone numbers and price lists.......

Tonight I plan to do some dancing, but I must retire early. Tomorrow I want to attend the closing meeting of the convention. At the beginning of this meeting we do The Sobriety Count Down. I look forward to participating every year. It just gives me the biggest thrill to be a part of this experience.

For those of you reading that don't participated in AA, this is what happens. At the beginning of the meeting the facilitator asks, "Is there anyone in the room with 50 or more years of continuous sobriety, would you please stand up?" If no one stands, the facilitator moves on to the next question, "Is there anyone in the room with 50 to 40 years of sobriety, would you please stand up?" There is usually at least one person that sobered up in the sixties, and they tell the room how long they have been sober. The facilitator then proceeds with the next question, "Is there anyone in the room with 40 to 30 years of sobriety, would you please stand up?" Once again, people call out their years.

After 30 years, the facilitator just calls out the numbers, 29, 28 ,27, and people stand, and sit when their number is called. The facilitator keeps counting down till one year. After that, people stand for 9 months, 6 months, 3 months and 30 days. Then the count is broken up into weeks until one week is reached. It really gets exciting when days are counted down to the very last question. "Is there anyone with only 24 hours of sobriety, would you please stand up?" Surprisingly, there is always someone in the group that only has 24 hours of sobriety. The room explodes into applause for this person who has just arrived into the rooms of Alcoholic's Anonymous. It always brings ears to my eyes to be a part of this experience.........

Now, it is time for some poodle diving. It is really hot today.